PARGARANT is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial steam-generators of high pressure in Russia and the CIS countries. The company produces a wide range of steam-generators, including:

Mobile steam generators are widely used in municipal services, agriculture, construction,
servicing or repair of underground utilities, in oil & gas industry, and in many other spheres of

Steam generator PG-150G is effective and suitable for operation at construction sites and as a
steam source for industrial processes. This steam generator has water and diesel fuel tanks, being independent from external power sources (though it can be energized from a power plant).

PG-150G can be supplied alone or integrated into a single-axle car trailer. It has lugs for andling
with a crane. The equipment can be easily moved due to its compact size. There are integral water and diesel fuel tanks. Water and fuel are fed automatically.


A pump, a burner, automatic controls, shut-off valves, and all internal pipelines are provided. All electric and hydraulic connections are made.



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