A pump, a burner, automatic controls, shut-off valves, and all internal pipelines are provided. All electric and hydraulic connections are made.

Self-contained — operating in the field without power supply;
Mobile — transportation on a truck trailer;
Highly reliable — high reparability and easy maintenance;
Structural design — own development;
Straight-flow water-tube steam generators;
high performance and economic efficiency;
short ramp-up and shut-down time.

Mobile steam generators are widely used in municipal services, agriculture, construction, servicing or repair of underground utilities, in oil & gas industry, and in many other spheres of application.

Steam generator PG-150G is effective and suitable for operation at construction sites and as a
steam source for industrial processes. This steam generator has water and diesel fuel tanks, being
independent from external power sources (though it can be energized from a power plant). PG-150G can be supplied alone or integrated into a single-axle car trailer. It has lugs for handling with a crane. The equipment can be easily moved due to its compact size. There are integral water and diesel fuel tanks.
Water and fuel are fed automatically.

Maximum water steam generation capacity, kg/h 150

Steam gauge pressure at the end of a 20 m hose, atm. Max.
Max. pressure causing the burner to switch off

3.5 (optionally 9)
4.5 (optionally 10)
Steam generation capacity control None
Power source: electrical grid or gasoline power generator (optional) 0.9 kW 220 V
1.2 kW 220 V
Burner capacity, kW max. 100
Water tank volume, L 200
Diesel fuel tank volume, L max. 60
Permissible minimum temperature, °С -45
Overall dimensions of the steam generator box, mm 1835x1370x1050
Curb weight, kg max. 750
Electrical heater capacity, kW 0.6

Max. electric power consumption of the steam generator in the operating mode, kW


Box preheat temperature after starting the steam generator from the cold state, °С

Rated diesel fuel consumption, L/h 10
Requirements for the steam hose

Steam temperature max. 143°С,
operating pressure max. 4 atm.

Steam temperature max. 180°С,
operating pressure max. 9 atm. (optional)

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