TECHINVEST specializes on the production of filtration equipment and block-modular equipment used for the production, processing, storage, transportation of oil and gas.

HCCF Filters are intended for cleaning liquids, gas and gas condensate from mechanical impurities and in order to proect the components of the technological system from mechanical wear and contamination, with a filtration fineness of up to 3 microns.


CB purpose - is measuring the flow-rate gas wells, gas flow control, switch-off the wells in emergency on pipe, switching the gas flow from the well to the torch, feeding and control after
the methanol flow. Real destination - for gas and gas condensate wells.

It is possible to fully automate the CB with remote control and monitoring the work of the wells from the control panel.


The Block is used for the foam solution' feeding from the pump station to the foam generators.



Station is designed to supply automatically water into the water network without the staff control.

Station consists of units and blocks in full readiness mounted inside the block box. It is supplying with a full set of consumables, life-support systems, SPTA and operational documentation.


Screen Liquid Drainage Filters are destinedfor purification of liquidswhich are transferred in the oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical and metal mining industry enterprises.


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