NICMI is an inventor and manufacturer of the following unique measurement systems:

Microwave oil/water meter MPV700 is designed to measure the current percentage of water in complex multiphase flow which contains gas, oil and water. MPV700 is based on unique method for determining water content by measuring of electromagnetic highfrequency wave propagation velocity in the media with different dielectric permittivity. The characteristic of the propagation speed of the electromagnetic signal in liquids with the water content from 0 to 100% has a flat function for both types of transitions: oil in water and water in oil.
MPV700 is not sensitive to external factors such as pressure and flow, and also resistant to the presence of evolved gas in the stream.


Multiphase level meter UMF700 is a unique tool for technologist that gives quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the liquid condition in a tank or process equipment. Functioning of UMF700 is based on the double effect of electromagnetic waves propagate properties in the liquid: reflection from the media interfaces and changing propagation velocity of electromagnetic wave in oil/water liquid. The first effect allows us to determine phase separation levels, the second effect - to identify phase separation as gas/oil, oil/ emulsion or emulsion/water. UMF700 possesses an additional channel for determination of the water content in emulsion. A special diagnostic program allows to determine the quality of sediment and the structure of the permeable emulsion zone.

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