Сleaning pigs are designed for pigging of interior of pipelines Ø=89–1420 mm. (incl. the long time uncleaned

Восток 3


Cleaning pig “VOSTOK-PM” is a molded pliable foam pig designed for pipelines with Ø=89–530 mm, made of foam with density=30 kg/m³ and higher, lined with (polyurethane) foam on the edge with density=70 kg/m³ and higher.
Cleaning pig “VOSTOK-PU” is a molded reinforced foam pig designed for pipelines with Ø=89–1420 mm, lined with (polyurethane) foam along the surface with density=70 kg/m³ and higher.
Cleaning pig “VOSTOK-PB” is molded foam “Puncheon”- type pig, made of 2 alternate materials (foam and oil-petrolresistant sheet rubber or polyurethane).
Foam pigs are suitable for:
– pipeline interior cleaning from mild deposits, removal of condensate and water;
– pigging pipelines with bore variations;
– inspecting of pipeline piggability;
– conducting the work sonpurging, testing and decommissioning of transfer/upstream pipelines under
construction or in operation;
– preliminary disposal of liquid.
Foam cleaning pigs are capable of passing the pipeline bore reduction of 45% of the outside diameter and 90-degree branch connections with bend radius of 1,5 DN and higher.

PIGS with Box

Devices for searching and tracking cleaning pigs in a pipeline, devices for measuring of characteristics of
pumping and transported product, devices for surveying the wells.

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Single body pigs “VOSTOK-XD-ХХХ” are designed for pigging of pipelines with Ø=89– 325 mm in the
course of operation or construction (water pumping for hydrotesting, water or product displacement, final
inspection of the product, separation of petroleum products, purging the pipeline).
The pig is molded with fixed (nonremovable) cleaning detail parts, available in 3 options (at the Client's discretion): 3 foam cleaning disks in “VOSTOK-3D-ХХХ”, 4 disks in “VOSTOK- 4D-ХХХ” or 5 disks in
“VOSTOK-5D-ХХХ”, plus 1 foam cup.
There is no metal frame.
Minimum bend radius for “VOSTOK-3D-ХХХ” and “VOSTOK-4D-ХХХ” is 1,5 DN with bend angle of 90
degrees, for “VOSTOK-5d-ХХХ” – 3 DN with bend angle of 90 degrees.
“VOSTOK-XD-ХХХ” pig may be supplied with a slot for installing of transmitter, available for Ø=159–325
mm. The pig may be supplied with a transmitter (pig locating device), available for Ø=159 mm, Ø=219 mm, Ø=273 mm, Ø=325 mm.
The pig may be supplied with a transmitter (pig locating device), available for Ø=159 mm, Ø=219 mm,
Ø=273 mm, Ø=325 mm. In that case pigs will be marked as “VOSTOK-3DT- ХХХ”, “VOSTOK-4DT-

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