This instrument is intended to measure the surface tension of surfactant solutions by determination of the
volume of drops squeezed at the boundaries: surfactant solution – anti-polar liquid or surfactant solution – air.

This model offers incredibly easy and convenient operation that can be appreciated by starting to use it! Economic quantity of test solutions! Stable readings and low error value that could not be reached in the previous versions!


The instrument meets the requirements of RD 30-3-1272-85

The injector operating stroke, mm 10

Quantity of solution passing through
the capillary tube at full operating stroke, mL.


*(If it is necessary to increase the number of drops, fill the injector with the test solution again and repeat the test until the desired result is obtained).

Operating temperature, °C from 5 to 40
Dial indicator ICH-10, graduation value (mm) 0.01

The surface tension measurement error depends on
the determination method and does not exceed 1%,
taking into account all adjustments. Use in the work
only those solutions that do not deteriorate the capillary
tube material. To be able to work with solutions
deteriorating this material (acids, etc.), contact the
supplier to order capillary tubes from the appropriate

Overall dimensions, mm 295x115x80
Weight, kg 4.7


Stalagmometer in assembly 1
Injector 2
Straight capillary tube 2
Bent capillary tube 2
Magnifying glass 1
Operating manual, pcs 1



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