This instrument is intended to measure the limit static shear stress. It is used in oil & gas industry in field
laboratories and especially directly at drilling rigs. The SNS-2 design, version 2009, gives more accurate
readings and is convent to use. Being the basic standard instrument for limit static shear stress measurement, it has gained a good reputation in Russia and the CIS countries. This model has been
developed and is produced only by Rubin R&D Co. in Ufa!


The instrument meets the requirements of RD 39-00147001-773-2004 “Drill mud control methods” and
the well construction regulatory documents of STO Gazprom 7.3-002-2010.
Measurement limits, mg/cm²:
- for hairline diameter 0.3 mm (from 4 to 30),
- for hairline diameter 0.4 mm (from 14 to 100),
- for hairline diameter 0.5 mm (from 38 to 250).
Permissible measurement duration – 60 s.
External cylinder rotation speed – 0.2 rpm.
Scale graduation value – 1 deg.
Measurement accuracy vs. measurement limit, % ± 2.
Electrical motor power supply, 220 V
External cylinder diameter (mm) 60
Suspended cylinder diameter (mm) 40
Suspended cylinder height (mm) 60


- SNS-2 instrument in assembly;
- 6 calibrated hairlines (2 hairlines of each diameter);
- Cup;
- Screw driver;
- Calibrating ring;
- Datasheet;
- Operating manual.

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