For more than 20 years Avtomatika VK LLC is engaged in production of float level meters for in-line measurement of liquid level in process units used in oil & gas industry and other industrial sectors. During this time a vast production experience is gained and advanced process equipment is used.

Our level meters are distinguished by high reliability and easy operation, at the same time meeting all safety requirements and regulations. The materials used for the level meter production (PTFE, titanium) prevent any deposits on the surface.


This level meters is intended for in-line measurement of liquid level in a process unit and can be used in oil production, oil refining, and other industrial sectors.

This level meters is intended for in-line measurement of liquid level in a process unit and can be used in oil production, oil refining, and other industrial sectors.


Continuous automatic level measurement showing the measured result on the graphic display. The level meters has a current and interface (RS485) outputs. Signals are transmitted to the current output continuously during the measurement process and are made available at the interface output on a request  received from an external device. Data are transferred through the logic data exchange protocol via MODBUS RTU interface. The level meters controls two upper level limits and one lower level limit. As any of the level limits is reached, the sound alarm system is triggered and the relay is activated. There is a possibility to set different levels to activate and deactivate the level limit signals.


Liquid volume determination using the data of the tank calibration table entered into the level meter.


The level meters operation is based on measurement of the time taken by the ultrasonic wave to pass the distance from the transmitter to the float through the wave guide.


The level meters consists of a primary transducer mounted on the process unit in an explosion hazardous area and a secondary transducer installed in the control board, both transducers being interconnected through a co-axial RK-75 cable or another “twisted pair” type cable with capacitance per unit length max. 150 pF/m.


The intrinsically safe eclectic circuit complies with GOST R IEC 60079-11-2010 and GOST R IEC 60079-
0-2011. Explosion proof marking: the primary transducer – "1Exib IIA T6 Gb", the secondary transducer – "[Exib Gb] IIA".


There are two options of the primary transducer:

1.Flexible from PTFE with a length max. 17 metres.
2.Rigid from stainless steel with a length max. 5.5 metres.


Measurement range, m
with the flexible transducer 0.2...17
with the rigid transducer 0.2...5
Least significant digit, mm 1 (10)
Controlled medium parameters
Controlled medium

water, crude oil, petroleum products, and other liquids
not deteriorating 12Cr18Ni10Ti stainless steel, titanium,
and PTFE.

Operating gage pressure for the PFTE transducer, MPa 0.15
Operating gage pressure for the rigid transducer
with a titanium float d=144 mm 1.6
with a titanium float d=108 mm 2.0
Density, g/cm³, min.

not limited, unless the controlled medium solidifies on
the transducer, thus preventing the float movement.

Ambient temperature, °C
For the primary transducer -50...+50
For the secondary transducer 0...+50
Level meters absolute accuracy, mm: +/-5

Temperature effect for each
10 degrees of the controlled
medium, mm, max.

Communication line length, m, max. 1000

Communication line – RK-75-4-11 cable or another
“twisted pair” type cable with capacitance per unit length pF/m max.

Output characteristics
Current output, mA 0...5,0...20,4...20
Relay output 3A, 240V
Power supply voltage, V

24V, equipped with an external power source to
be fixed on a DIN rail 24V (1A) MDR-20-24

Power consumption, W max. 15
Overall dimensions, mm, max.: 0...5,0...20,4...20

The primary transducer, where L
is an instrument length (to be mentioned in the order)

The secondary transducer

0 standard size:125x110x50
DIN standard size:75x100x110

Mass, kg, max.
The primary transducer 8.3
The secondary transducer

0 standard size:0.6 kg
DIN standard size:0.5 kg

Number of measuring channels 1-8
Titanium float diameter, mm (to be specified in the order) 144, 108, 86
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