One of the problems faced in the process of well construction when drilling argillaceous deposits with PDC bits is balling. The most accessible balling prevention method (among the existing ones) is improvement of the anti-adhesion properties of the flushing liquid (read the corresponding article available in the “Useful information” section of our web-site).

The adhesiometer ABR-1 Model RS 01.17 is intended for determination of the clay-to-metal adhesion forces acting in the drill mud. It is used for selection of formulas (agents) having effect on the drill mud adhesion properties in terms of test laboratory conditions.

This instrument was developed by the order of Burintekh R&D Co. Patent of Burintekh R&D Co. This model produced since 2017 has an independent and safe power supply of 14V. The price was reduced due to the improved design. The tape breaking mechanism was replaced with a more convenient and reliable one. The adhesiometer consists of two main units: a unit for measuring the tensile strength of the tested specimens and an integrated press for their preliminary compression with a strength of 106±2 kg.


- Adhesiometer ABR-1;
- Retaining ring;
- Cylinder;
- Rod for preliminary pressing of the argillaceous slate;
- Operating manual combined with the datasheet. Slates in the form of cylinders (tablets) are pressed in
separate equipment (using the rod and the cylinder).

Адгезиометр 2


Measurement of the tensile strength of the tested specimens

maximum value up to (kg) 48
Pressed test specimens:
- metal cylinder, diameter (mm): 28.5
- pressed argillaceous slate (cylindrical shape)
cylinder diameter (mm) 28.5
cylinder height (mm) 18

Load, pressing the specimens (metal and pressed slate)

during 10 min) before rupture 106±2 kg.

mean square error within the operating temperature range

(where N is the adhesiometer reading (current minimum, maximum, or mean square value), kg

± (0.01xN+0.01)
Overall dimensions, mm 325x335x455
Weight, kg 22

The tensile strength measurement instrument is supplied after verification.

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